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Susan instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • This is a slow, passive stretching class perfect for beginners, those recovering from injury, or those just needing a gentle practice after a stressful day. Seasoned yoga students find Yin yoga to be a perfect compliment and balance to their more active practices. Yoga postures are taught in an environment geared toward restoration, healing and relaxation at 90-92 degrees. Emphasis on gentle strength building, flexibility, and the use of the breath. Yin yoga allows you to safely stretch and lengthen muscles, work joints and strengthen the deeper tissues. Poses are held 1-2 minutes as you slowly control your breathing, keep muscles passive, and work deeper into the joints and tissues. A much needed tool for anyone who needs to unwind a tight body, mind and heart.

  • Venus Yoga
  • We will teach you how to do every posture in this class – no experience needed! A style of hatha yoga, in a room therapeutically heated to 100-103 degrees. This is a great all levels class and perfect for beginners! This class will give you a foundational introduction to hot yoga, and is as a class that can be practiced on a daily basis to strengthen and deepen your postures. You will practice a regular sequence of postures, coordinating breath and movement, with a focus on strengthening the cardio-vascular system. Build heat from the inside out; develop core strength, stamina and flexibility in this class by working every bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon and internal organ of the body. This is truly a transformational yoga class! Students are encouraged to practice at their own level. Modifications given for different levels of students.

  • Hatha Yoga (NON-HEATED)
  • This is a non-heated yoga class perfect for everyone! It's a great opportunity to take that step toward a healthier mind and body. Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from an injury, not very flexible, have back/sciatica or hip pain, we will instruct, modify and help you with every posture using straps, blocks and blankets - This class is for ALL levels. We will work on breath and stretching in poses from your mat (bring or rent) or a chair (provided). Come practice with us and create a new community one healthy body at a time. Bring a yoga mat and water. No Class November 24.